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About the holding

Agro-industrial holding Slavyansky Veles which was founded in 2011, is currently one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of meat products in the Republic of Belarus. The agro-industrial holding includes such significant enterprises of Vitebsk Region as ZAO Vitebskagroprodukt (Closed Joint Stock Company), OOO Vitkonprodukt (Limited Liability Company), OOO Meat processing plant Slavyansky (Limited Liability Company) and UE Torgovy Dom under administration of ZAO Vitebskagroprodukt.

The specific activities of the holding companies are quite broad and include breeding and processing of broiler chickens, fattening of highly productive hogs and pork production, the cultivation of crops, the manufacture of feed stuffs and feed additives, meat and meat products retail sales. In actual practice, the enterprises that are part of the agro-industrial holding which carry out a full production cycle "from field to market", that allows to a certain extent to be independent of the conjuncture of various commodity markets and changes in prices for certain types of raw materials, optimize the cost of production and minimize possible risks.

High integration of production relations between participants allows Agro-industrial holding Slavyansky Veles to control the quality of the manufactured organic products at affordable prices for all categories of the citizens and to ensure top performance at all stages of the production.

Latest news

As of June 06, 2020 an opening of 50th retail facility Myasnaya lavka under administration of UE Torgovy Dom took place in Vitebsk on Tereshkovoy Street.


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